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It can be very difficult for a new family to sell a house. We understand the needs you have. It is important for a family to pick a house to spend the rest of their lives in, let alone selling it. 

We know how to make this transaction as easy as possible. We can help you and your family through this time.

You do not have to know about business if you want to sell a house. WE have got it covered. We guarantee we will sell your house in no time.

Deciding to Move

Moving is very difficult. Psychologists suggest moving from a house can be one of the most stressful things a person can go through. It is a period of time in which the mind cannot be at ease as it does not have a place to call "home". Moving means a lot for you and your loved ones. Even though it may be difficult to notice, children can take the moving process really bad. If you notice an important change in your kid, then you can probably tell it is from the stress moving brings.

Moving requires a very high cost. Even if you decide to move to a smaller place, changing homes can affect your economy in a negative way. The house you need to sell may require reparations. The house you want to buy may need painting. Not to mention paying the staff in charge to move the furniture. 

Plus, finding a new home to live in can be very difficult these days. Finding the perfect house is not just enough. The neighbourhood, the people around you, the schools nearby and lots of other things influence your choice deeply.

Our Fees

We offer the greatest deals for our service. We start at a small fixed initial price. Then, we take a small fee out of the total profit for the sale. Depending on the season, these prices may vary a little bit. Prices may also increase or decrease depending on the general economy of the country and the real state business. We work a lot in order to give you the lowest prices you can find anywhere. 

Choosing Us

If you decide to move, you must choose to have the best people around you. We are the best team you can hire. We will make the most difficult decisions for you. In this way, you can focus on you and your family. We will keep you informed about everything we do for you. We guarantee that if you follow our steps, nothing can go wrong. Choosing us to sell your house means a total relief. You do not have to worry about numbers, deals or costs. We have got it all planned out for you.

We are a company with more than twenty years of experience. We know the buissiness more than any other company does. Be smart and choose us. 

Sell your house and get a home. We will do everything in between. We are waiting for your call. 


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Counton has helped me through this process. It was very difficult for me and my family to go through strssful time. This company has helped me a lot. It made my job a lot easier. I am forever grateful
David C. Absher

Happy Client

I did not really want to hire a company to sell my house at first. I did not want to spend so much money. However, a friend recommended Counton. Their fees were very convenient. I sold my flat very fast.
Louie French

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